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How our Advertising Opportunity works:

  1. Feature your advertisement on our maps

  2. Maps with your advertisement will be distributed during events (click here to view to 2018 event list)

  3. Each map distribute to maps' collector will be exchanged back with his/her business card

  4. Business cards collected during events will be scanned and key-in (PDF and Excel)

  5. Ready database will be shared to advertiser

How to place an advertisement order:

  1. Decide which map(s) to feature your advertisement 

  2. Download the order form(s) from below (follow by industries)

  3. Choose your preference spot (number), fill in the form and send it back to

  4. We will  be replying on the availability of the chosen spot

  5. After confirm the spot, invoice will be issued, acknowledge receipt with company stamp and signature, revert back for our filing

  6. Submitting advertisement artwork - we are providing free design service for advertisement artwork or you may choose to design at your own

  7. Done and await for ready maps then begin the distribution

Advertisement Pricing: 

Oil & Gas

electric & Power Plant


Palm Oil

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