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OFIC 2024


22 - 23 October 2024


9:00 - 17:00


Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia


Event Description

Oils and Fats International Congress (OFIC) was launched by MOSTA in 1994 concurrently with an exhibition of the latest oils and fats industry technologies.


Since COVID-19 Pandemic things have changed from their normal practice. Thus, MOSTA will go for a hybrid conference platform with the 15th OFIC 2024 Conference and Exhibition on 22 - 23 October 2024.  We hope this will help the oil palm community to keep up to-date with the economic, sustainability, and technological developments in your field, to network with your peers and exhibitors and to share research findings via oral and poster presentations.


OFIC has been organized since 2004 with the following themes for the last ten years


YEAR               THEME

2010                 Oils & Fats Industry: Challenges and Innovative Solutions

2012                 Future of Oils & Fats - Is Smart Partnership the Way Forward

2014                 Global Oils & Fats: Addressing Major Challenges

2016                 Global Trends in Oils & Fats: Pathways to 2025

2018                 Trends that will Shape the Future of the Oils & Fats Industry - Tools, Techniques & Technologies

2021                 Oils & Fats Industry: Managing Change Through Transformation (Virtual)

2022                 Boosting the Potential of Oil Palm and Its Products (Hybrid)

2024                 Palm Oil Industry Towards Circular Economy


The programme also includes 4 Modules, 3 Foundations Lectures and 1 Panel Discussion as follows:-


Module 1: Upstream: Plantation & Milling

Module 2: Downstream: Refinery, Biofuel & OLeochemical

Module 3: Consumer Goods: Food & Non-Food

Module 4: Nutrition


1. Tan Sri B. Bek-Nielsen Foundation Lecture

2. TunTan Sri Raja Alias Foundation Lecture

Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik Foundation Lecture

4. Panel Discussion: Integration of Sustainability and Circular Economy into the Palm Oil Supply Chain

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