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ENGINEER&MARVEX 2023 Paves the Way for Regional Integration with ASEAN’s Most Innovative Technology

The trade show will feature the next engineering revolution in the ASEAN region and showcase ESG initiatives to push the region towards the global Zero Carbon Target by 2050

KUALA KUMPUR, 21 August, 2023 – The much-anticipated Malaysian Engineering Exhibition and Conference 2023 (ENGINEER), a key event of the IEM Convention and its concurrent exhibition, the Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation Expo 2023 (MARVEX) is set to kick off in grand style, uniting a diverse assembly of local and regional industry leaders from across the ASEAN region.

Under the theme “The Business Gateway to ASEAN Engineering and ACMV & R,” the second edition of ENGINEER and MARVEX, will span four days, from 6 to 9 September at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Jointly organised by The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), the Malaysian Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Association (MACRA) and C.I.S, the event integrates the region’s foremost players in the three fundamental pillars of engineering highlighted at the expo - M&E, C&S, and ACMV&R - representing the largest sub-sectors and disciplines in engineering.

This event, with the potential to reshape the industry landscape, will spotlight the latest engineering advancements, innovative technologies, and environmental initiatives. Featuring over 200 brands representing more than 10 countries and regions, the participation is both extensive and diverse. The event’s programme will include Malaysia’s Largest Engineering Symposium and Conference, incorporating 6 symposiums under the IEM Convention and 2 concurrent conferences by ASHRAE Malaysia Chapter and Carrier. These sessions will embrace a broad array of topics, ranging from Digital Transformation and Advances in Structural Design to discussions on Smart Cities Engineering and beyond.

This second instalment comes after its successful launch last year, witnessing the participation of nearly 1,500 buyers and a total visitorship exceeding 5,200. Engineers comprised 53% and industry traders made up 32% of the attendees. Impressively, 87% of the attendees noted that the expo met their sourcing needs for the first time. The event brought together industry players, facilitating the exchange of ideas, knowledge-sharing and provided attendees with the opportunity to personally experience the growth of innovation in the industry.

This year, the expo is ready to once again welcome visitors and exhibitors to witness inspiration, ideas, and innovation. The event anticipates the participation of 10,000 engineering and allied professionals from the M&E, C&S and ACMV&R sectors, government delegations, industry players, trade associations, business chambers, as well as local and international buyers.

Much emphasis will revolve around embracing digitalisation and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) inspired technology. The global business landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, with technology and sustainability acting as key catalysts. ENGINEER and MARVEX aim to be at the forefront of this transformation, serving as a platform for thought leaders to discuss and demonstrate how businesses can effectively adapt to these changes.

A key focus this year will also be the ESG initiatives, putting the spotlight on energy efficiency and climate change issues through a dedicated ESG Zone. This area is curated to create awareness around sustainability practices from the ESG initiative partners of the exhibition: Private Sector, Institution (IEM) and the Government.

Attendees will have the opportunity to gain insights from over 100 hours of presentations delivered by more than 120 esteemed local and international speakers across more than 40 talk sessions. Furthermore, participants can accrue over 30 BEM CPD (Board of Engineers Malaysia Continuing Professional Development) hours through the symposiums, conferences, and a variety of talk sessions designed to facilitate knowledge-sharing and industry awareness.

Beyond bringing the fraternity together, this event charts a course forward, uniting the industry to collectively make a positive impact on the quality of life for future generations. Designed to set the industry's pace and growth trajectory through discussions and presentations by topic experts and market leaders, the Power Talk Series returns to foster knowledge-sharing and experiential learning, featuring four key series: ESG, Industry, Business, and Education. These concise talks offer an effective and memorable learning tool for attendees to discover life-changing innovations and experience a deeply interconnected high-tech world.

Additionally, ENGINEER and MARVEX have garnered the support and endorsement of more than 30 establishments including ministries, regulatory bodies and industry associations from both local and international spheres, ensuring a comprehensive and enlightening experience for all participants.

Attendees can look forward to a wealth of knowledge-sharing sessions and discussions led by esteemed industry leaders and reputable brands. The event promises to be an immersive experience, where visitors can source from, gain valuable insights into the fusion of technology, sustainability, and engineering excellence.

For more information on ENGINEER and MARVEX, visit:

Download the full press release HERE.

ENGINEER & MARVEX 2023 - Pre Press Release
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Contact for Media Enquiries:

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An event held under the umbrella of IEM Convention, ENGINEER is Malaysia’s 2nd Engineering Exhibition & Conference held across four days in a multi-pronged hybrid exhibition platform focusing on the key technical divisions of Mechanical & Electrical, Civil & Structural Engineering.

Jointly organised by The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) and C.I.S, the exhibition aims to elevate the engineering industry in Malaysia and across the region by gathering engineering professionals and trade visitors to gain insights into cutting-edge solutions and advanced engineering technologies; network and collaborate with participating exhibitors. Taking place simultaneously at ENGINEER is the concurrent exhibition — MARVEX.


MARVEX – The Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation Expo is a premier business and trade event for the primary source of ACMV & R stakeholders while providing a unique platform for the growth and development of the industry in this region.

Showcasing three major pillars: Air-Conditioning, Mechanical Ventilation and Refrigeration, the exhibition is jointly organised by MACRA and C.I.S where MARVEX will be an annual trade exhibition that will gather industry suppliers, traders, and specifiers to build new partnerships to discover the latest innovations and optimise their business opportunities regionally. MARVEX is held concurrently with ENGINEER.

About IEM

The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) was established in 1959 with the primary function to promote and advance the science and profession of engineering in any, or all its disciplines, and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas related to engineering.

IEM has strived to introduce the achievements of Malaysian engineering at various platforms all over the world. The organisation was admitted as a member of the Commonwealth Engineers Council (CEC) in 1962 and since then, it has been participating actively in international bodies.

IEM is a member of the World Federation of Engineering Organisation (WFEO) and the Federation of Engineering Institutions of Islamic Countries (FEIIC). In addition, IEM currently hosts the Secretariat of the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations (AFEO), the ASEAN Engineer Register (AER), the Federation of Engineering Institutions Asia and the Pacific (FEIAP), and it is also the local Register for the APEC/EMF International Engineer Register.


Malaysian Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Association (MACRA) was established in year 2000 to represent the ACMV & R industry. Its main objective is to establish and provide an accountable platform for the enhancement of Technology and Business in the field of ACMV & R, with the currently growing regional recognitions.

MACRA actively represents the industry by conducting dialogues with government agencies and providing training programmes to industry players.

With members consisting of various sectors such as spare parts, equipment suppliers, system manufacturers, consultants, contractors, installers, retailers and academicians, etc., the numbers are expected to continue growing in tandem with the size of the ACMV & R industry.

Along with strong collaboration and working relationship with its counterpart associations in the South East Asia region, MACRA is improving standards and cross border requirements to unify the ACMV & R industry stakeholders, as well as business networking regionally.

About C.I.S Network Sdn Bhd

C.I.S was established as a regional trade and lifestyle exhibition organiser based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The acronym of its name stems from Concept, Innovation, and Strategy. Its vision is to deliver its commitment to its clients through a shared vision and strategic partnerships in creating high-powered, multi-pronged exhibitions.

The company continues to build a strong reputation in the Business Events - BE (MICE) industry to organise flagship, trade and lifestyle exhibitions in Malaysia such as ARCHIDEX, HOMEDEC, RiX, AGExpo, ITEX, ENGINEER, MARVEX, and Indterior and ARCH:ID in Indonesia.


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