Public Private Partnership (PPP): Financing, Projects & Contracts

Date & Venue

30 March - 3 April 2020              : Kuala Lumpur

22 - 26 June 2020                         : London

31 August - 4 September 2020  : Johannesburg

11 - 15 October 2020                  : Dubai

23 - 27 November 2020              : Singapore





Event Description

We need new infrastructure. Roads, airports, schools, hospitals and housing: the list is enormous and growing. Yet severely limited budgets, economic uncertainty caused by volatile commodity prices, and deficits continue to prevent government at all levels from delivering the kinds of structural change that has always been needed.


In response, some countries have developed relatively successful PPP programmes - similar in many ways yet with specific national characteristics. Challenges remain throughout each region and are intensifying in the current environment. We already know what we need to do, now is the time to really discover HOW.


This master class provides an in-depth understanding of how PPPs work, from financial, commercial, project & legal aspects. We seek to push our participants to innovate with real life case studies, group discussions and technical evaluation.


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