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Power Plant - Indonesia (RUPTL 2021 - 2030)


What you will get:

  • High Resolution PDF Map (Non-printable)


Information featured on this map:

  • RUPTL 2021-2030
  • Type of Energy: PLT EBT Base (Renewable Energy Base Load), PLT EBT Peaker / BESS (Renewable Enegy as Peaker and Battery Energy Storage Systems), PLTA (Hydropower), PLTB (Wind), PLTBg (Biogas), PLTBio (Biofuel), PLTBm (Biomass), PLTD (Diesel), PLTG (Gas), PLTGU (Gas & Steam), PLTM/MH (Mini & Micro Hydro), PLTMG (Gas Engine), PLTMGU (Gas Engine & Stream), PLTP (Geothermal), PLTS (Solar), PLTS + Battery (Solar and Battery), PLTSa (Waste), PLTU (Coal), PLTU MT (Coal mine mouth), PS (Pump Storage)
  • Name of Location / Power Plant Name
  • Capacity of Plant (MW)
  • Commissioning Year (COD)
  • Status of Plant : Committed, Exploration, Financing, Planned, PPA, Procurement, Relocation, Under Construction
  • Developer : PLN, Kerjasama Wilus, IPP
  • Company Name 
  • Location Area of Plant indicate on map

Power Plant - Indonesia (RUPTL 2021 - 2030) (Without ADV)

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