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Vietnam Onshore and Offshore Wind Summit 2019 (VOOWS 2019)

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29 - 30 October 2019




 Vinpearl Luxury Landmark 81, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



Event Description

Current status of wind based power development in Vietnam, and both of us need the potential of Offshore Wind in VN.

1. Mainstream,  notable project is the 800-MW Phu Cuong Soc Trang offshore wind scheme in Vietnam, developed in partnership with the Phu Cuong Group

2. Enterprize Energy, 600MW Offshore Wind Farm. 

3. Electricity Tariff: From 10 Sept,2018.Under the revision, the FIT for wind power projects will be increased to 8.5 US cents/ kWh for onshore and 9.8 US cents/kWh for offshore/nearshore respectively, which will make the investors and developers turn back and the distressed deals may be feasible again.

4. PPA: Based on sample PPA. the DPPA pilot programme, after final approval, will begin later this year.

5. There have been 17 projects signed PPA with EVN with total installed capacity of 834.2MW and around 195.2MW in commercial operation.

6  In 2018-2019: 4 projects(138MW) will be in commercial operation: Tay Nguyen (28.8MW),Mui Dinh (37.6MW),Trung Nam (39.95)MW, Dam Nai 2 (31.5MW).

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