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16th National Seminar (NATSEM) 2024


15 - 17 July 2024


08:30 - 17:00


Pullman Miri Waterfront, Sarawak, Malaysia



Event Description

The Incorporated Society of Planters (ISP), will be organizing the 16th National Seminar (NATSEM 2024) on 15 - 17 July 2024 at Pullman Miri Waterfront, Miri, Sarawak, after a very successful International Planters Conference in 2023. NATSEM 2024 captures the challenges, trends and developments in the plantation industry especially oil palm, and its future. The national seminar highlights the theme of “Opportunities and Strategies to Improve the Profitability of the Oil Palm Business” and aims to shed light on key aspects crucial for enhancing the economic viability and sustainability of the oil palm industry.


This seminar serves as a platform bringing together industry experts, stakeholders, researchers, and entrepreneurs involved in the oil palm sector to explore and discuss innovative strategies, emerging opportunities, and effective approaches designed to strengthen the profitability of oil palm cultivation and related businesses.

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