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A message from our Founder

Emily Yu
Founder and Managing Director


I started my career as a door to door distributor and after a ten-year stint gained invaluable sales and marketing experience. In 1987, I founded Maps and Globe as a partnership to provide cartography services and to produce map related products. In 1990, Maps and Globe Specialist Distribution Sdn Bhd  was incorporated into a private limited company to keep in line with its expanding services and product lines.


The cartography industry is always moving one-step ahead of the competition. My personal motto is “Anticipate Customer Needs and Satisfy Them”. Pursuant to this motto, the company does not react to market conditions but strategize what products and services clients need to face future challenges. Thus, while other cartographers are still in the comfort zone of producing and retailing country and city road maps, Maps and Globes' Vision of shaping its role as an innovative media house with its maps as a vehicle to link suppliers and buyers.


I sincerely look forward to working with you to meeting your advertising and mapping requirements and indeed anticipate a long and fruitful relationship.


Please take your time in looking through our website. I look forward to receiving all of your comments, both positive and not so positive .


Emily Yu Lay Choo

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