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16 March 2023


07:30 - 17:00


The Marina, Goldenbay Hotel, Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia


Event Description

Facility integrity and maintenance are critical to ensuring the continuous production and a safe workplace.  it is critical in effectively managing industrial assets in order to achieve operational excellence and long-term profitability while ensuring asset reliability, integrity, and safety, as well as the smooth operation of the plant without any failures, leaks, accidents, or unplanned shutdowns.

The current COVID-19 mitigation strategy of working at home and social distancing is resulting in an increasing backlog of inspection and maintenance work.  furthermore, the situation is forcing asset inspection management service providers to perform critical asset inspections with fewer personnel.  however, the roles of asset management leaders are no longer the same and are undergoing significant change. Remote inspection and collaboration are examples of digital technologies being used to assist organizations in maintaining safe and productive assets.

Today's industries must constantly improve and innovate in order to achieve higher efficiency and lower unit costs of production.  Industries cannot continue to operate in the same manner and expect to see improved results.  It is critical that technicians and engineers keep up to date on new knowledge and technologies, as well as new ways of operating equipment and facilities.

This conference aims to bring experiences and knowledge together to share issues, challenges and potential solutions.

Who Should Attend?

Functional Heads of Asset Integrity, Maintenance & Reliability, Operations, Installation, Manufacturing & Production, Corrosion Management, Inspection, Non-Destructive Testing from the following industries:

• Oil, Gas, Energy and Utilities

• Petrochemicals

• Process Manufacturing

• Chemicals

• Manufacturing & heavy engineering

• Others affected by asset integrity & maintenance issues

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