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JAKARTA – The Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) will hold its hybrid 46th IPA Convention and Exhibition in 2022 (“IPA Convex 2022”) with the theme “Addressing the Dual Challenge: Meeting Indonesia's Energy Needs While Mitigating Risks of Climate Change” on 21-23 September 2022 at the Jakarta Convention Centre, Jakarta.

The Vice President of IPA, Greg Holman, who was present with the IPA Executive Director, Marjolijn Wajong, and Convex Committee Chairperson, Krishna Ismaputra, at the Press Conference “Road to IPA Convex 2022” in Jakarta, Tuesday 13 September 2022, explained that the theme took into consideration the condition of Indonesia's upstream oil and gas sector which is currently facing twofold challenges, namely: meeting energy needs in order to reduce oil and gas imports and contributing to efforts for reducing carbon emissions.

The energy transition is widely accepted, including the oil and gas companies around the world. The Paris Agreement, which targets reducing carbon emissions to contain the rate of increase in world temperature by 1.5-2 degrees Celsius, is recognized as having changed the outlook of the current upstream oil and gas industry. Indonesia, as one of the countries that ratified the Paris Agreement, is striving to reduce carbon emissions resulting from the activities of all industries, including the upstream oil and gas industry.

Furthermore, Greg explained that the twofold challenges faced by the upstream oil and gas industry were the basis for choosing the theme of IPA Convex this year and the topics discussed at the Convention during the three days’ event. Although faced with the challenge of reducing carbon emissions, the upstream oil and gas industry players believe that the upstream oil and gas industry is still needed to support future energy needs and as a bridge to energy transition.

"We hope all stakeholders in the upstream oil and gas industry can collaborate to find solutions so that the targets of meeting energy needs and efforts to reduce carbon emissions due to upstream oil and gas activities can be achieved properly," said Greg.

Also present at the event, was the Chairperson of the IPA Convex 2022 Committee, Krishna Ismaputra, who said that this annual exhibition and convention event is highly anticipated by stakeholders as a venue to discuss the latest issues including technology and other related issues in the oil and gas industry.

This year, continued Krishna, the IPA Convex will be held offline and online. Even though it is an offline event, the implementation of IPA Convex will continue to comply with the health protocol as per the Covid 19 Task Force guidelines. For the online event, IPA Convex can be accessed through the official virtual platform

By combining the two concepts offline and online, the exhibition at IPA Convex 2022 can be visited without time and place restrictions. Visitors from all over the world can see the exhibitors' virtual booths simply by accessing the virtual platform above. In addition to the exhibition, all discussion sessions held at the IPA Convex 2022 can also be attended both offline and online by convention participants from all over the world.

Some of the topics of the discussion sessions held at the IPA Convex 2022 include

  1. Indonesia’s Upstream O&G Strategy to support Energy Transition, with speakers:

    1. Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut B. Pandjaitan

    2. Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Arifin Tasrif

    3. Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani Indrawati (to be confirmed)

    4. Chairman of Commission VII DPR RI, Sugeng Suparwoto

    5. President of IPA, Irtiza H. Sayyed

  2. Multi-Stakeholder Partnership in Achieving Indonesia’s 1 MBOPD and 12 BSCFD Targets 2030, with speakers

    1. Head of SKK Migas, Dwi Soetjipto

    2. Head of Fiscal Policy Agency, Febrio Kacaribu

    3. Member of Commission VII DPR RI, Maman Abdurrahman

    4. IPA Director, Gary Selbie

  3. The Role and Commercialization of CCS/CCUS in Meeting Indonesia’s Net Zero Target, with speakers

    1. Director General of Oil and Gas, Prof. Tutuka Ariadji

    2. President Director of Pertamina Hulu Energi, Budiman Parhusip

    3. ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions, Tracy Lothian

    4. VP Director of Japan External Trade Organization, Akihisa Matsuda

  4. Natural Gas as Indonesia’s Transition Fuel – Prospects & Challenges, with speakers

    1. Secretary General of the National Energy Council, Djoko Siswanto

    2. SKK Migas Deputy for Planning, Benny Lubiantara

    3. President Director of the National Electricity Company (PLN), Darmawan Prasodjo

    4. Portfolio & Business Development Director of PT Pupuk Indonesia, Jamsaton Nababan

    5. VP International Asset of PETRONAS Upstream, Mark Fitzgerald

    6. IPA Director, Diego Portoghese

  5. Securing the Future Leaders of Indonesia’s Oil and Gas Industry, with speakers

    1. Deputy Head of SKK Migas, Fatar Yani Abdurrahman

    2. President Director of Medco Energi, Hilmi Panigoro

    3. Former Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Purnomo Yusgiantoro

    4. President of ExxonMobil Cepu Ltd, Carole Gall

    5. Senior Partner of Korn Ferry, Angel Blanco

In addition to the sessions above, IPA Convex 2022 will also hold several special sessions, including the C-Talk session which will be attended by leaders of both national and global oil and gas companies, and the presentation of an award to one of the national oil and gas figures who had contributed to the progress of the national upstream oil and gas industry.

On the occasion, Krishna also explained that the IPA Convex 2022 is supported by several sponsors, including oil and gas companies and other companies supporting the upstream oil and gas industry in Indonesia.

The sponsoring companies are: Pertamina as a Platinum sponsor, BP Indonesia, Energi Mega Persada, ExxonMobil Indonesia, MedcoEnergi, Mubadala Energy and Petronas as a Gold sponsor, Chevron, Sinopec and Harbour Energy as a Silver Sponsor, as well as a number of other companies that become Retail Sponsors, such as PetroChina, Donggi Senoro, PGN SAKA and Solusi Energi Nusantara.

"We hope that the IPA Convex 2022 will remain a highly anticipated event for all stakeholders in the upstream oil and gas industry, as a venue to discuss and find solutions to any issues or developments challenging the oil and gas industry in Indonesia in particular, and the global oil and gas industry in general. The success of mitigating risks from existing challenges, such as reducing carbon emissions and efforts to increase oil and gas exploration and production activities, can ensure the upstream oil and gas industry continuous contribution to economic growth which has a multiplier effect and maintains national energy sovereignty," he said.

Kindly download the full press release HERE.

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