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“Towards the Era of Digital and Zero” Sea Japan 2022

Over 300 exhibitors; Opening its doors for the first time in 4 years 20-22 April 2022, Tokyo Big Sight On 20 April 2022, Japan's largest international maritime exhibition, Sea Japan, will open its doors at Tokyo Big Sight for the first time in four years.More than 300 exhibitors, including a large Japan Pavilion, have confirmed their participation in the exhibition, and there are high expectations from industry professionals for the large-scale maritime industry event, which has not been held for four years due to the covid pandemic.

Showcase of the latest technologies related to zero emissions and digital transformation (DX) for the maritime industry

With the urgent need for environmental protection measures on a global scale including measures against global warming, in March 2020 the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan formulated a roadmap for zero emissions of international shipping. Following the roadmap, industry-wide efforts are underway with the aim of"commercial operation of zero-emission ships by year 2028”. At the same time, the promotion of digital transformation (DX) utilizing digital technologies such as autonomous operations, automatic operations, remote inspections, IoT,and AI has also become an indispensable issue for the industry to address various issues such as the reduction of maritime accidents in the maritime industry, the increase in trade needs due to the expansion of personal imports and exports, the improvement of the working environment, and labor shortages. Sea Japan 2022 will focus on the dual themes of “Zero” as the industry moves from reduced emissions to zero emissions, and “DX” as the industry takes advantage of the new opportunities and possibilities of digital transformation technologies and showcase the latest products, technologies, and services of the suppliers from the world. In addition to the exhibits, the challenges and possibilities of environmental protection measures and digitalization for the maritime industry will be explored from various angles through various industry seminars. Japan Pavilion, a Japanese maritime cluster that cannot be overlooked A large Japan Pavilion will be set up in the center of the exhibition hall. The pavilion consists of a theme zone created by the Japan Maritime Cluster Committee, a collaboration of industry,government and academic organizations, and a member's zone for member companies of the Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment Association. The main topic of the theme zone is "Earth and Sea Friendly Technology - Toward a Sustainable GX/DX Society", to disseminate the advanced technologies and research results possessed by Japanese maritime clusters to the world. The zone will introduce the latest Japanese technologies and products related to 10 categories such as ships,sea shipping, shipbuilding, domestic ferries, ship classification, zero emissions, marine development & offshore wind power utilization, DX & automated operation, research themes, general exhibition. A total of 64 Japanese marine manufacturers will exhibit in the Members Zone to display the best marine technology products and services in Japan. In addition, the Japan Pavilion organisers will hold several parallel events such as "Ships and Marine Technology Seminar" that introduces efforts for decarbonization in the maritime industry, “ship visits to the Japan Coast Guard’s latest survey vessel”, and “Student special educational programme” that planned for the purpose of human resource development by inviting university students and teachers.

Industry seminars covering the latest industry information and challenges One of the great attractions of Sea Japan is the variety of conferences and seminars hosted by the government and industry organisations. A total of more than 60 sessions have been prepared this time, and those sessions will refer to the latest information that the industry need snow, such as zero emissions and DX, which are the main themes of Sea Japan 2022, as well as overseas market trends and marine resource development.

World's first unmanned ship project"MEGURI 2040" One of the notable sessions will be the result report of the world's first unmanned ship project "MEGURI 2040", which will be held from 13:00 on the first day of the event. This session will be held in both as a physical event at the Big Sight conference room and as an online live event;therefore, it will be delivered simultaneously not only in Japan but also to the world.

Learn the latest trends from industry leaders in shipping and shipbuilding - Sea Japan International Conference 2022 On the second day of Sea Japan 2022, "Sea Japan International Conference 2022 / Green x Shipping Japan's Growth Road" will be held, organized by Kaiji Press and Informa Markets Japan. Leading businessmen from the maritime industry will participate in the conference with the keynote speech presented by Mr. Yukikazu Myochin, President and CEO of Kawasaki Kisen Co., Ltd. Through panel discussions and lectures,the conference will consider the response of the Japanese maritime industry to environmental protection measures such as efforts to decarbonize.

Held as a hybrid event Introducing online matchmaking service The online communication tools that have become widespread during the covid pandemic have changed our business style significantly. Against this backdrop, Sea Japan 2022 will also introduce new online services such as a webinar that distributes exhibitor information online in advance and a matchmaking service that allows visitors to contact exhibitors and make appointments for meetings with them before and during the 3 day exhibition. Mr. Christopher Eve, Managing Director of Informa Markets Japan Co., Ltd., the organizer, said, " We have decided to introduce a new online function as a means for all participants to participate in Sea Japan more efficiently and effectively than ever before and also as a means of participating in the event for those who cannot come to Tokyo due to travel restrictions. It is a function that has been introduced to major events around the world before the pandemic as a service to enhance the meetings onsite but I believe that it is a service that is exactly needed now and works well in this special occasion. However, the importance of actually meeting face-to-face at the exhibition hall, gathering information, and conducting business negotiations cannot be covered by online communication tools alone. There are businesses that can only be created by meeting face to face. I would like to welcome as many professionals in the industry to Sea Japan 2022 as possible – it’s time to meet again!"


General Information Show Name: Sea Japan 2022 Date: 20 April – 22 April 2022 Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, East Halls 5 & 6 Organiser: Informa Markets Japan Co Ltd Special Supporter: The Nippon Foundation              Supporters Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan Coast Guard, The Japanese Shipowners' Association, Japan Federation of Coastal Shipping Associations, The Shipbuilders' Association of Japan, The Cooperative Association of Japan Shipbuilders, Japan Ship Exporters' Association, The Japan Shipping Exchange, Inc., Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment Association, Japan Passenger Boat Association, Japan Long Course Ferry Service Association, JETRO

Exhibitor Categories Shipbuilders, Ship Repairers, Ship Designs, Ship Machinery and Equipment, Computer Systems & Software, Port Authorities, Finance, Insurance, Associations & Organisations, Ship Registry, Trading Companies, Publications, Others

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