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VNU Group Drives Agricultural Economy Forward with Comprehensive Livestock Solutions at 'Horti Agri Next Asia 2025' Co-located with ‘VIV Asia 2025’

Updated: Mar 14

Bangkok, Thailand - 12 March 2024 - The VNU Group, in collaboration with the VIV Worldwide network, has officially announced the launch of its latest event, 'Horti Agri Next Asia,' abbreviated as HAN Asia 2025. This event marks the first of its kind in the Asian region. Horti Agri Next is the premier trade show showcasing the latest products, innovations, and advancements in horticultural food production, landscaping, controlled environment practices, environmental conservation, and agriculture.


Scheduled to take place from the 12th to the 14th of March 2025 at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, the event will coincide with VIV Asia and Meat Pro Asia 2025, thereby fortifying the agricultural market. By encompassing the entire livestock sector, it stands as a significant regional trade fair that global investors should closely monitor. VNU's initiative aims to propel the agricultural economy forward, fostering comprehensive growth in the sector.


Introduction of Horti Agri Next Asia to the Asia Pacific Region

“Building upon the success of Horti Asia in 2012 and Agri Asia in 2015, VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific is expanding its strategic footprint by integrating global, merging the agricultural and livestock industries into one of the largest trade events in and for Asia,” said Mr. Igor Palka, Managing Director of VNU Asia Pacific.

“With VIV Asia's coverage spanning from feed to food and from animal feed to meat production, we recognize the opportunity to incorporate additional elements into the upstream supply chain. 'Horti Agri Next Asia' will encompass the entire supply chain from seed to food. This comprehensive event will feature a journey covering seeding, soil preparation, growing techniques, greenhouse and vertical farming, fertilizer and crop technology, feed technology, temperature control, equipment and machinery, and logistics and packaging, thus complementing VIV Asia next year.”


“The challenge is to produce enough safe, affordable food for all in a sustainable manner, while respecting humans, animals, and the environment. Combining traditional production methods (such as nature-inclusive farming) with new knowledge and technology (such as AI and drones) holds promise. The best way to explore win-win possibilities is through dialogue. Events like Horti Asia (HAN Asia) provide opportunities for networking, exchanging ideas, learning, gaining new insights, and finding inspiration. They can serve as the starting point for future cooperation and success,” states Dr. Gijs Theunissen DVM, Agricultural Counsellor at The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Thailand.

Assoc. Prof. Kiattisak Sangpradit, Business Development Consultant of KASETPHAND GROUP, Director of the Institute of Research and Development, and Director of the University Business Incubator, emphasized that “Over the past 3-4 years, Kasetsart has identified an opportunity to diversify its core business from FEED FARM FOOD to embrace the concept of GREEN TECHNOLOGY, which includes clean energy technology. This involves offering solar cell services within the FEED FARM FOOD industry and expanding into agricultural technology, covering field crops and horticulture.”

The Transformation of the New Agricultural Era

“Farmers currently integrate technology with traditional knowledge, utilizing drones for swift fertilizer and pesticide distribution, employing artificial intelligence (AI) for disease identification and pest detection, implementing smart greenhouses for temperature monitoring and optimization, and utilizing machinery for harvesting. These practices enhance precision in planting and harvesting, reduce costs, and elevate product quality. They address labor shortages and meet escalating market demands. Such technology not only enhances production but also enriches the entire agricultural supply chain, benefiting consumers and contributing to the attainment of sustainable development goals,” stated Dr. Metinee Srivatanakul, Secretary General of the Horticultural Science Society of Thailand.


Shijo Joseph, Group Head - Strategy & Transformation at East-West Seed International Limited, supports that “We are in the sustainability business, focusing on research and production of quality vegetable seed varieties for smallholder farmers. Agronomy services form a significant part of our sustainability practices, aiming to improve the livelihoods of farmers with a focus on empowering women and young farmers.”


“In the current era, farming is significantly more convenient compared to the past. The new generation of farmers benefits from advanced machinery and equipment designed to minimize fatigue and laborious tasks. Technologies such as GPS facilitate precise control while operating machinery, and automatic systems streamline various farming processes. Furthermore, advanced irrigation systems allow remote management of plant water needs, while decision-making tools help mitigate risks associated with inaccurate weather forecasts. Timely detection systems promptly signal potential damages, enabling swift problem-solving. Consequently, farming today is considered more enjoyable and entails significantly fewer risks of errors,” affirmed Dr. Dares Kittiyopas, President of the Thai Society of Agricultural Engineering.


Expand your agricultural business without limits and explore unprecedented business opportunities at the Horti Agri Next Asia event (HAN Asia), scheduled from March 12th to 14th, 2025, at IMPACT, Bangkok. This event is held in conjunction with VIV Asia and Meat Pro Asia. For further information and registration, please visit or contact us at 02-116611.


Upcoming Calendar

HAN Select Vietnam             May 29-31, 2024                             Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

HAN Asia                                  March 12-14, 2025                         Bangkok, Thailand           

HAN Select Indonesia           September 17-19, 2025                Jakarta, Indonesia

HAN MEA                                 November 25-27, 2025                 Abu Dhabi, UAE


About Horti Agri Next Asia (HAN Asia)

HAN Asia is the Horti Agri Next hub edition tailored specifically for the Asian market, showcasing the latest in horticultural food production, landscaping, controlled environment practices, environmental conservation, and agriculture. HAN Asia brings together industry professionals and experts from across Asia and around the world. Join us at HAN Asia to explore the forefront of the Asian horticultural and agricultural industries. For more details, please visit the official website at WWW.HORTIAGRINEXT.COM.



Press Contact: 

Mrs. Saengtip Techapatiphandee,

Marketing & Communications of VNU Asia Pacific

Tel.: +662 111 6611 Ext.330


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