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SEA Japan 2024


10 - 12 April 2024


10:00 - 17:00


Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 1-3, Tokyo, Japan



Event Description

Sea Japan, the largest Maritime Event in Japan, has been held since 1994, focusing on themes relevant to industry trends. The upcoming 15th edition, Sea Japan 2024, will emphasize clean energy, addressing the maritime industry's pressing need for carbon-neutral vessel operation. The event will scrutinize clean energy options like hydrogen, ammonia, LNG and electricity to determine their viability for the industry's future. Efficiency enhancement and safety assurance for practical application will also be explored. Sea Japan 2024 aims to spotlight this challenge.

A new addition to Sea Japan 2024 is the "Offshore & Port Tech 2024" exhibition, running concurrently. This parallel event will facilitate technology and information exchange between emerging ocean businesses and the maritime sector, further enriching the event's offerings.

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