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Solar & Storage Live Vietnam 2024

Solar & Storage Live VIETNAM 2024.jpg

10 - 11 July 2024


09:30 17:00


SKY EXPO VIETNAM, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



Event Description

We're excited to announce that The Future Energy Show Vietnam & The Solar Show Vietnam are now collectively branded as Solar & Storage Live Vietnam 2024!


Solar & Storage Live Vietnam 2024 will be a forward-thinking, challenging, and exciting renewable energy exhibition that celebrates the technologies at the forefront of the transition to a greener, smarter, and more decentralised energy system for Vietnam.

We'll bring key stakeholders within the energy value chain together with innovators and disruptors to showcase the technologies and solutions needed to enable change at this critical time. Join us at the SKY EXPO VIETNAM in Ho Chi Minh City in July 2024.

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