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Vietnam Renewable Energy Expo 2024

20-21 March, 2024 | National Convention Center, Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam, with its huge renewable-energy potential, is an ideal country for developing wind and solar energy in Southeast Asia. Technologically, it has the capacity to generate 1,000 GW of renewable energy. The initial wave of projects was driven by favorable FiTs, but current RE projects are no longer consistently economically viable despite the launch and stimulation of PDP8. However, recent challenges have led to calls for ramping up renewable energy production in Vietnam.

  • Impact on Manufacturing Hubs: Rolling power cuts in northern provinces hit industrial parks where top global manufacturers like Samsung and Foxconn have factories, affecting business operations and interest.

  • Risk to Vietnam's Economic Base: Many international companies are choosing Vietnam for diversifying their portfolio due to rapid economic growth and abundant human capital. However, Vietnam is at risk of losing top manufacturing interest if it cannot meet their renewable energy demands. After all, many RE 100 companies committed to 100% renewable energy for their operations.

To open business opportunities and follow the country's RE commitment, it's crucial to explore solutions to tackle the RE dilemma. The Vietnam Renewable Energy Conference + Expo 2024 (VREE), organized by Neoventure, will take place in Hanoi on March 20-21, 2024.

Vietnam Renewable Energy Expo 2024 will be one of the first & largest renewable energy expos in Vietnam. Which combines with exhibition, conference, technical showcase, match-making session covering solar, wind, energy storage, green hydrogen sectors to create a one-stop business platform for all renewable energy Industry players to learn the most up-to-date Vietnam renewable energy market information, view the state-of-the-art technologies, expand business contacts and explore potential project opportunities.

It's a platform for business developments to source potential partners through Project Match-making, where our team will understand your needs first, match your requirements, identify potential partners, and tailor connections to your specific needs. On the ground level, the Exhibition showcases real-world innovations, solutions, and products regarding the energy sector. Coupled with unlimited networking opportunities, it's a down-to-earth space for staying connected and building business partnerships.

Join us at VREE 2024 - don't miss this opportunity to grow your business!


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