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EDTL, E.P Invitation to Participate in Development of Timor-Leste Solar PV Plant & BESS Project

Electricidade de Timor-Leste Empresa Pública (EDTL, E.P.), Timor-Leste’s State-Owned Company in Electricity and Energy Sector, is seeking to award a power purchase agreement for:

(a) the design, build, financing, operation, and maintenance of a 72-85 MWac solar plant project (Solar PV Plant), a 36-42.5 MW/1 hour battery energy storage system (BESS), a substation (Substation) (together the Facility), balance of plant, integrated communications and control systems in the area around Manatuto and transmission

infrastructure to connect to Timor-Leste's network (collectively the Project); and

(b) the long term purchase of energy and BESS services,

to support the development of the renewable energy industry and to improve the stability of the electrical grid in Timor-Leste (the Contract) through a fair, transparent and competitive bidding process in accordance with the Timor-Leste Law and international best practices (Bidding Process).

Location of execution of the activities under the Contract

Country : Timor-Leste

Municipality : Manatuto

Administrative Post : Laleia

Suco : Lifau

Duration of the Contract

The Competent Entity expects the term of the Contract to be 25 years, commencing after the Solar PV Plant and the BESS achieve commercial operation.


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